Sustainable Design

John F. Kennedy Federal Building, Boston, Massachusetts

Colby Co.’s design team is well versed at providing designs to meet the guiding principles for sustainable federal buildings per UFC 1-200-02 High Performance and Sustainable Building Requirements. Requirements for sustainability, energy, indoor air quality, and water usage are considered during design and systems studied include geothermal heat pump systems, solar thermal domestic water heating systems; wind energy, PV and CHP.

Colby Co. has a Sustainability Committee whose purpose is to be an innovative leader in sustainable design through corporate practice and actions. The Sustainability Committee studies the ways to leverage sustainable technology externally, i.e. through our designs for clients to include material selection and mindful design, and internally, through our business practices at the office. They developed external and internal goals, instituted incentives and have held educational events for the company.

Cleveland Rudman Courthouse and Federal Building, Concord, New Hampshire