Colby Co.’s “15 years, 1500 hours” Campaign Kicks Off

It’s been 15 years since Calen and Sarah Emily Colby decided to start their own engineering and design business – and in the time that they have grown to a team of 65, they have also maintained the founding company values, including that of service and giving back. 

That’s why we are launching a new campaign – “15 years, 1500 hours.” From now through the rest of the year, Colby Co. is committed to spending 1500 working hours volunteering in our local community. 

Colby Company already offers all employees two paid days of volunteer time – to encourage employees to find something they are passionate about and support it. However, in order to achieve our ambitious milestone, Colby Co. is offering an additional day and a half for volunteer time. 

Since 2008, Colby Co. has donated more than 1700 hours worth of volunteering (including at The Opportunity Alliance, Maine Needs, South Portland Food Cupboard, Animal Welfare Society, and Sebago Lake State Park – to name a few), and hosted 2 food drives and 6 blood drives. In 2019, CCE began a relationship with The Opportunity Alliance, donating winter gear for ten of their clients through their Winter Warm Up Campaign. In 2020, TOA creatively pivoted to a different model for the WWU program, and between employee contributions and a dollar-for-dollar company match, Colby Co. has raised more than $40,000 for TOA’s Winter Warm Up Campaign. 

As a way of celebrating our 15 years in business, we decided to create our “15 years, 1500 hours” campaign to help celebrate CCE’s value of community, supporting one another, and donating our time and efforts to help those in need. We are very excited (and intimated!) about this initiative.

In order to help us achieve our goal, CCE is teaming up with the United Way of Southern Maine to help connect us with many local nonprofits and opportunities to get in our volunteer hours. We are looking forward to building our budding relationship with them, and giving back to our community.

Have ideas or questions about our 1500 hour campaign, or have any interest in volunteering with us? Let us know!