15 Years, 1500 Hours Volunteer Spotlight: Maine Needs

“I got hooked on assisting Maine Needs from the first visit.”

That’s what CCE employee Christa Moulton said about her time volunteering for Maine Needs.

The nonprofit started nearly five years ago out of a volunteer’s garage – working with caseworkers, nurses, and street outreach teams to collect specific, basic items that many folks in our community were searching for.

The organization has grown tremendously and now operates out of a building in Portland. It continues to work with caseworkers, nurses, outreach teams, and teachers to help gather information about specific items that are needed in our community. Volunteers come in to help sort through donated items, and help put together requests that will go out into the community.

“Through volunteering, I learned that home insecurity is such a huge problem in our community,” Moulton said. “The needs are great for those people, and Maine Needs does an amazing job – but there is so much more that needs to be done.”

Colby Co. is proud to support its community in this way, and has donated more than 50 hours of volunteer time at Maine Needs this year.