Colby Co. Awarded National Guard Contract

Colby Co., an Economically Disadvantaged Woman Owned Small Business, was recently awarded an Architecture and Engineering Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) contract by the Maine Air and Army National Guard. The contract has a $4M ceiling over five years and is intended to provide A/E services in the State of Maine in support of the Guard’s facilities.

The Maine National Guard has a proud history, including the location of the Maine Air National Guard 101st Air Refueling Wing at Bangor Air National Guard Base, the location of the Maine Army National Guard’s 133rd Engineer Battalion in Brunswick, the Maine Army Guard Headquarters at Camp Keyes and 48 Guard units throughout the state that can provide logistical support to the State during natural disasters.

Queen’s Plaza Improvement Project, Long Island City, NY

The Queen’s Plaza Enhancement project was a $45M roadway, pedestrian, and bicycle improvement intended to offer breathing space to a busy entry point into the Queen’s borough. As stated by the NY Department of Economic Development Corporation, “The project area extends along Queens Plaza North and Queens Plaza South from Northern Boulevard /Queens Plaza East west to 21st Street. This transformative project provides the neighborhood with new crosswalks, sidewalks, countdown pedestrian signals, improved lighting, native trees and plantings – including 489 new trees, landscaped medians, an off-street bikeway, a separate pedestrian walkway, and its open space. Located at the plaza’s eastern end, at the site of the former John F. Kennedy commuter parking lot, is the new, sustainably designed 1.5 acre open space – including wetlands, non-invasive and drought-tolerant native plantings and artist-designed benches and interlocking / permeable pavers to direct storm water to these plantings. The project also incorporated the historic millstones which were previously embedded in a traffic island. Preservation of these stones allows the current community to realize and understand Queens’ and New York City’s agricultural and historical past.”

The design team was led by Margie Ruddick Landscape along with Michael Singer Studio. Colby Co. provided structural and civil engineering consulting services to the Michael Singer Studio which were related to the design of custom side walk pavers and bench elements. Colby Co. provided reinforcing design and concrete mix design for the precast concrete side walk panels and benches. Additionally Colby Co. provided recommendations for future maintenance and upkeep of the side walk and bench elements.

A description of Michael Singer Studio’s work can be found here.

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New York City Press Release can be found here.

New Base Lodge, Wilmington, VT

Colby Co. provided engineering services for the Base Lodge for the Hermitage Club at Haystack Mountain. The four-story, reinforced concrete, steel and heavy timber structure is located in Wilmington, VT and features 88,000 SF of enclosed building area, as well as an additional 15,000 SF of exterior patio space, much of which features radiant snowmelt systems. Colby Co. provided mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire protection, and structural design services. The building is currently in construction.

Colby Co. Completes Design of VA Clinic

Colby Co. recently completed the Type A study and Type B design services for a Community Based Outpatient Clinic (CBOC) for the U.S. Department of Veteran’s Affairs in New Bedford, Massachusetts. The design included a 6,500 SF renovation and 2,000 SF addition to existing CBOC. Phasing plans were created to allow the facility to remain operational throughout the entire construction period. The clinic incorporated many sustainable elements and was designed to meet LEED Silver criteria.

The design scope included:

  • Survey
  • Geotechnical
  • Parking and Traffic Studies
  • Civil and Drainage Design
  • Anti Terrorism Force Protection Design
  • Architecture
  • Structural Engineering
  • Environmental Testing
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Fire Protection Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering

The project will go to construction in the summer of 2013 with Colby Co. providing Type C construction administration services.



Colby Co. Project: Main Gate Improvements at Naval Weapons Station Earle

Colby Co. provided civil engineering for the Main Gate Security Improvements project at Naval Weapons Station Earle in Colts Neck, New Jersey. The project consisted of the demolition of the existing gate facilities, design and construction of a Vehicle Inspection/Pass & I. D. building, a guard house, and elevated firing position. The project was a certified LEED Silver design.

Colby Co. provided civil engineering, site design including layout, grading, utility relocation, and landscaping for the new facilities. Colby Co. worked with the Navy and D/B team members to develop a seven phase construction sequence that allowed the gate to remain operational during construction of the new facilities. The vehicle circulation areas, government vehicle parking and privately owned vehicle parking areas were located to comply with Anti Terrorism Force Protection (ATFP) standards. During construction, seven phase changes were implemented to maintain security and allow pedestrian, bicycle, vehicle and military truck access to the station.

Our civil engineers designed the site drainage and created the civil engineering drawings and specifications; drawings in ACAD and specifications in SPECSINTACT. Colby Co.’s engineers also located the geothermal wells, designed the rainwater cisterns, and supported the local and State permitting efforts. The project utilized photo-voltaic, energy efficient, LED street lighting.

Colby Co. also provided a truck movement analysis using Auto-Turn that depicted the path of a truck with a trailer while moving through the site. The results of the analysis were used in the design of intersections and roadway travel lanes. The project finished construction in 2012 with an estimated construction cost of $6.6 million.


Maine Huts and Trails: Stratton Brook Hut Opens

The Maine Huts and Trails (MH&T) newest hut, Stratton Brook, opened in late 2012.  Stratton Brook became the fourth hut along the 50-mile MH&T trail system.  It is located at an elevation of 1,800′ and nestled between Sugarloaf and the Bigelow Mountain range.  The hut offers overnight lodging and meals to outdoor enthusiasts who are biking, skiing or hiking along the trail system.  With a heavy emphasis on sustainability, Stratton Brook was certified as a “Green Lodging Environmental Leader” by the U.S. Department of Environmental Protection.

Colby Co. provided mechanical engineering services to support the design of alternative energy heating and plumbing systems at Stratton Brook. The heart of the heating system is a wood boiler coupled with an 800 gallon water storage tank. The storage tank is essentially a “thermal battery” that allows excessive heat from the boiler to be stored until it can be used at a later time. Radiant floors are the primary means of heating spaces, both for the central hut and external bunkhouses. Solar thermal panels were designed to provide domestic hot water for the showering facilities. An instantaneous propane water heater polishes the hot water to the required temperature during periods of low sunlight or high usage. Photovoltaic panels were also incorporated to provide electrical power. When the generated power exceeds the electric demand and battery storage capacity the system diverts power to an electrical coil in the hot water system to maximize the harvesting of the suns power.

Colby Co. Completes Engineering Design for Sculptural Biofiltration Wall

Colby Co. recently provided structural, mechanical, plumbing and electrical engineering support for Michael Singer Studio’s design of the Seminole Coconut Creek Sculptural Biofiltration Wall in Florida. The piece is comprised of precast concrete modules designed to filter water from an on-site retention pond. The sculpture utilizes a range of biofiltration and aeration systems to actively cleanse up to 100 gallons of water a minute. The sculpture also supports native vines, groundcovers, aquatic plants and fish. The sculpture is 25’ wide by 40’ tall and is mounted on the side of the new parking structure. The project is powered by solar canopies on the top floor of the parking structure.

The engineering scope included:

Structural Engineering
Analysis and design of supporting structural steel elements and coordination with the existing parking garage structure to which it is mounted, location and design of mounting hardware and reinforcing for the sculptural precast elements, and design of cast-in-place three pool lily pond with weirs adjacent to the wall.

Mechanical and Plumbing Engineering
Design of the pump and filtration system utilizing a skid mounted permabead and UV filtration system for partial treatment of the water, coordination of plumbing schematics to draw and store water from the retention pond and rainwater collected from the garage roof via 10,000 gallon water storage tanks, design of plumbing distribution piping to supply biofiltration aquatic garden.

Electrical Engineering
Design of all lighting and system electrical components, including underwater lighting of lily ponds, LED uplighting of precast wall elements, and power for the pumps, skid, and all valves and sensors utilized for system automation.

All photos are courtesy of Michael Singer Studio.

HRSG Structural Design

Colby Co. has recently provided complete analysis and design of two Heat Recovery Steam Generator (HRSG) power plant projects.  The gas temperature within the HRSG’s range from 1200 deg to 2100 deg.   The first HRSG is 120′-0″ long, 12′-0″ wide, 60′-0″ tall with outputs of 125 MegaWatts of power and the second HRSG is 90′-0″ long, 15′-0″ wide, 60′-0″ tall with outputs of 450,000 pounds of steam per hour.

Our structural engineers provided footprints and load calculations, main frame structural design, connection design and detailing as well as pipe support analysis per ASME B31.1.  Colby Co. also provided all of the shop and shipping erection calculations and designs. Additionally Colby Co. provided consultation for material selection to withstand the intense temperatures within the HRSG’s.

Colby Co.’s engineers performed shop inspections of weldments and assemblies.  Our engineers also provided on-site erection assistance and construction administration services.

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Awards A/E IDIQ Contract to Colby Co. Engineering

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) New England District recently awarded an Architecture and Engineering Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity Contract worth up to $3.5 million to Colby Co. Engineering.  The contract is for general engineering and architectural services throughout the North Atlantic Division with work primarily in the New England District.  The geographic region includes Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Vermont, Rhode Island, New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia and the District of Columbia.

Colby Co. has worked on numerous projects prior to the award of this contract which included $8M of electrical and mechanical renovations to hospital space; a levee inspection program; a parking garage design; and multi-discipline building renovations.

Colby Co. is a Small Business engineering firm under the NAICS Code 541330. We have Federal Design Experience at 20+ Federal installations through the United States.

Liberty Mutual Building Construction

Colby Co.’s structural engineers performed all of the structural steel connection design for the new $300 million Liberty Mutual Office Building is in the final stages of construction.  The 22-story, 590,000 square-foot building will serve as new office space for Liberty Mutual who estimates that the expansion will create 600 new full-time positions.  The building was designed to meet LEED Silver certification.

Colby Co.’s structural engineers also performed all of the structural connection design for an 83′-0″ span Pedestrian Bridge that is 22′-0″ above the ground connecting the new Liberty Mutual Office expansion and an adjacent office building in Boston, MA.  The bridge components included custom designed arched box girders and architecturally exposed suspension cables.  We evaluated the dynamic affects of heavy pedestrian traffic as well as the consideration of wind tunnel affects between the buildings.