New York City Marathon

Calen Colby, President of Colby Co., participated in the 2010 New York City Marathon in November 2010. Calen ran as a member of the Livestrong Team for which he raised $3,500. The Livestrong Team is made up of numerous sub-teams and Calen was a part of the 12-person “Team Fatty” team. The team was named for its captain, Eldon Nelson a.k.a. the Fat Cyclist, a popular cancer fundraiser and author of the blog.

The NYC marathon course starts in Staten Island and travels through all five boroughs with a scenic ending in Central Park. One of the largest marathons in the world, the NYC Marathon recorded 45,103 finishers in 2010. The fundraising goal for all charities represented by runners in the 2010 NYC Marathon was $24 Million.