Building Energy Conference 2012

Sonia Barrantes, mechanical engineer at Colby Co., recently attended the Building Energy 2012 Conference in Boston, MA.  According to, BuildingEnergy is the most established and most cross-disciplinary renewable energy and high performance building conference in the region. Organized by the Northeast Sustainable Energy Association, it brings together architects, engineers, builders, policymakers, developers and building managers for three days of networking, accredited educational sessions and a high-level trade show.

Sonia attended numerous information and interesting sessions that included:

Commercial and Institutional Net Zero: Methods and Case Studies
High Performance Hybrid Wall Systems
What To Do With Steam (Retrofits to old steam systems and when to convert to hydronic heating)
Health Care Ventilation and Radiant/Induction Cooling
Green Mill Renovation

The tradeshow featured over 170 vendors that showcased state-of-the-art technology and practical applications in the renewable energy and sustainable building industries.  Tradeshow standouts included improved flat plate solar hot water collectors, industrial biomass boilers, new solar panel models, and examples of net-zero and wind projects.