HRSG Structural Design

Colby Co. has recently provided complete analysis and design of two Heat Recovery Steam Generator (HRSG) power plant projects.  The gas temperature within the HRSG’s range from 1200 deg to 2100 deg.   The first HRSG is 120′-0″ long, 12′-0″ wide, 60′-0″ tall with outputs of 125 MegaWatts of power and the second HRSG is 90′-0″ long, 15′-0″ wide, 60′-0″ tall with outputs of 450,000 pounds of steam per hour.

Our structural engineers provided footprints and load calculations, main frame structural design, connection design and detailing as well as pipe support analysis per ASME B31.1.  Colby Co. also provided all of the shop and shipping erection calculations and designs. Additionally Colby Co. provided consultation for material selection to withstand the intense temperatures within the HRSG’s.

Colby Co.’s engineers performed shop inspections of weldments and assemblies.  Our engineers also provided on-site erection assistance and construction administration services.