Queen’s Plaza Improvement Project, Long Island City, NY

The Queen’s Plaza Enhancement project was a $45M roadway, pedestrian, and bicycle improvement intended to offer breathing space to a busy entry point into the Queen’s borough. As stated by the NY Department of Economic Development Corporation, “The project area extends along Queens Plaza North and Queens Plaza South from Northern Boulevard /Queens Plaza East west to 21st Street. This transformative project provides the neighborhood with new crosswalks, sidewalks, countdown pedestrian signals, improved lighting, native trees and plantings – including 489 new trees, landscaped medians, an off-street bikeway, a separate pedestrian walkway, and its open space. Located at the plaza’s eastern end, at the site of the former John F. Kennedy commuter parking lot, is the new, sustainably designed 1.5 acre open space – including wetlands, non-invasive and drought-tolerant native plantings and artist-designed benches and interlocking / permeable pavers to direct storm water to these plantings. The project also incorporated the historic millstones which were previously embedded in a traffic island. Preservation of these stones allows the current community to realize and understand Queens’ and New York City’s agricultural and historical past.”

The design team was led by Margie Ruddick Landscape along with Michael Singer Studio. Colby Co. provided structural and civil engineering consulting services to the Michael Singer Studio which were related to the design of custom side walk pavers and bench elements. Colby Co. provided reinforcing design and concrete mix design for the precast concrete side walk panels and benches. Additionally Colby Co. provided recommendations for future maintenance and upkeep of the side walk and bench elements.

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