Civil Engineering

Our civil engineers have provided many unique and innovative solutions to site design challenges and we have extensive experience with soil erosion mitigation via the use of natural soil filters and the use of geotextile products. Our pavement design experience includes materials selection for pavements with frost depths in excess of 8 feet for over the road vehicles and aircraft. We are experienced with full depth reconstruction pavement design as well as overlay techniques which are sometimes required as cost savings measures or for maintenance purposes. Our civil engineer’s roadway, traffic, and parking lot design capabilities balances first costs with our client’s objectives and permitting requirements. Our utility design experience includes treatment plant design, sanitary sewer design, storm water drainage design, and water quality/quantity permitting requirements.


Colby Co.’s engineers have extensive permitting experience from standard Site Location of Development Applications (SLODA) to sensitive wetlands to vernal pools. We have widespread experience balancing the permitting requirements and our client’s available budgets. We have provided the following scopes of service: pervious paving; drainage and culvert design; pre and post development runoff calculations for commercial projects; and reclamation of previously built out areas to pervious areas. Colby Co.’s civil engineers are practiced at utilizing new technology such as underground filter beds required for storm water quality improvement.

Recent Projects Include:

  • Site design and ACT 250 permitting coordination for a new biomass power plant
  • Renovation of a radiant slab threshold and tarmac reconstruction for a historic aircraft hangar for a federal client
  • Design for 2 acres of paving for a $20M building located in a working manufacturing facility
  • Site design including layout, grading, utility relocation, and landscaping for a new Vehicle Inspection/Pass & I. D. building for a federal client