Construction Services

Graphic of building being constructedColby Co.’s staff has years of construction administration experience and they understand the necessity of proper documentation and management of project scope and schedule.

Construction begins with personnel safety in mind. We have extensive experience with the review and documentation of the following construction administration scope items: contractor prequalification, bidding support services, construction scheduling, construction cost estimating, RFI and change order management, construction inspection/monitoring and value engineering analysis. Colby Co.’s staff knows the importance of documentation and communication during all construction activities.

Cost Estimating

Colby Co.’s engineers are well versed in cost estimating for their design projects as they have prepared numerous cost estimates for a variety of jobs, including federal, commercial, industrial and renewable energy projects. Working with Colby Co.’s engineering staff, our estimating efforts seek to produce the most accurate representation of the project scope. These projects have ranged in size from a small construction value of $50,000 to an $20 million dollar building and associated site improvements. Our cost estimating is based on RS Means and adjusted for local conditions based on our construction experience.

Recent Projects Include:

  • Design and construction administration of four, six-story $6M support towers for a manufacturing client
  • Design and construction administration of a $9M LEED Gold firing range for a federal client
  • Design and construction of large scale Heat Recovery Steam Generators for manufacturing clients
  • Installation of a sprinkler system in a historic aircraft hangar for a federal client
  • Design and construction administration of a $8M retail and service facility for a manufacturing client
  • Design and construction administration for the upgrade of a boiler economizer and controls system