Mechanical Engineering

Colby Co.’s mechanical engineering department provides the design of mechanical systems for new and renovated building designs, manufacturing facilities, power, and marine applications.

Colby Co.’s mechanical engineers are experienced with the design of HVAC systems; LEED certification; industrial waste heat; solar; and hydroelectric. They are well versed in renovation design including gas fired steam boilers, gas and oil fired condensing boilers, radiant heat, dehumidification systems, airflow dispersion analysis and absorption chillers.


Colby Co.’s Commissioning Group has experience with energy studies, energy retrofit designs, commissioning, and retro-commissioning for hospitals, laboratories, courthouses, air force bases, apartment complexes, and large office spaces. Our Commissioning Agent has passed the ACG Certified Commissioning Authority (CxA) exam. Our Commissioning Agent’s experience includes serving as the documented commissioning authority on multiple building projects, including LEED Certified projects.


Colby Co.’s controls design experience includes various networks and protocols (RS232/422/485, Modbus Serial and TCP, Ethernet/IP, DNP3 Serial and TCP) along with the proprietary software, hardware and communication protocols from PLCDirect, Allen-Bradley/Rockwell Software (RSLogix5, RSLogix500, and RSLogix5000)  GE (Proficy iFIX, Cimplicity, Machine Edition) and  Siemens (Step7).  The staff also has experience with connecting various devices to each other with dissimilar communication protocols using data concentrators/processors. Colby Co. has a Registered Control Systems Engineer on staff.

Recent Projects Include:

  • Design of the $2M repair to a hospital’s HVAC system with new 90-ton air cooled chillers, rooftop makeup air units, and pipe fan coil units for a federal client
  • Design of a HVAC system with a steam capacity analysis for a $6M, six story industrial structure for a manufacturing client
  • Design of a $1.9M replacement of a hospital’s steam absorption chillers and the associated mechanical systems for a federal client
  • Inspections of levee systems, including the functionality of interior drainage features, for a federal client
  • Design to replace an old chiller with a new 110-ton air-cooled chiller and skid-mounted variable speed duplex pump package and chilled water piping for a higher ed client
  • Analysis and re-rating of a Heat Recovery Steam Generator (HRSG) for an industrial client
  • Geothermal, HVAC, plumbing and fire protection design for a $9M LEED Gold indoor firing range for a federal client
  • Design of mechanical and plumbing system for a $20M industrial facility for a manufacturing client
  • Design for the $1.2M replacement of an HVAC system at a municipal building
  • Design of the piping assemblies, layout and controls for valve trains and gas burners for an industrial client