Structural Engineering

Colby Co.’s structural engineering department provides field investigations, analysis, design, and construction oversight for new and renovated buildings, manufacturing facilities, power plants, heavy industry, and boilers.

Colby Co.’s structural staff is proficient in the analysis of existing structures, building design (steel, reinforced concrete, precast, masonry), foundation design, machine foundations, pipe/conduit bridges, and roof framing.  They also have experience with fuel cells, photovoltaic systems, trash to energy plants, boiler design, and solar energy systems.  We also have two Model Law Structural Engineers on staff as recognized by NCEES.

Boiler Design

Colby Co. provides mechanical and structural design, controls and instrumentation for all phases of boiler design, fabrication, erection, start-up and operation. Our services include boiler pressure parts design; thermal and dynamic analysis of boiler pressure parts and their supporting structures; boiler piping stress analysis; boiler structural design; heat exchanger design and piping; package boiler design; controls system design; construction lifting arrangements, crane lift analysis and on site support during erection.

Connection Design

Colby Co. provides structural steel connection design to the steel fabrication and steel erection industry as well as to design firms. We have designed structural steel connections for several high rise buildings in the commercial, institutional and medical field as well as industrial and power plant structures.  Colby Co.’s engineers have experience in all levels of the steel fabrication industry including project management, detailing and hands on fabrication work.  We have the experience to provide cost effective structural steel solutions.

Colby Co. also provides construction and rigging engineering for general contractors and steel erectors.  Colby Co. can provide safe, cost effective solutions for all of your construction engineering needs including: Rigging design, lift analysis, Staging design, crane supports and matting and fall protection design and analysis.

Recent Projects Include:

  • Structural design for Heat Recovery Steam Generator (HRSG) with the largest boiler column designed at 36″ deep, with 3″ flanges and supporting loads up to 1,400,000 lbs
  • Structural analysis and design of supporting frames for package boiler designs, including pressure vessel/water walls and tubing design
  • Connection design for a 25-story office building for a construction client
  • Design of a $20M industrial facility with a clear bay that is 110’ wide by 298’ long and contains two 200-ton bridge cranes with doors at each end that are 100’ wide for a manufacturing client
  • Design of $6M outfit support towers that are 180 feet long, 14 feet wide at the base, and consist of five (5) full decks with the top deck 66 feet above base line for a manufacturing client
  • Analysis of an existing building structure to support 800 ton bridge cranes for a manufacturing client
  • Design of a new $8M retail and service facility for a manufacturing client
  • Design of the structural support system for equipment makeup air units, manufacturing equipment, labs, tool trench support areas, and waffle slab analysis for heavy industrial clients