Sustainable Design

Graphic of three intersecting colored circlesAt Colby Co. we believe in the practical application of sustainable design principles.  Everyone is talking about sustainable design and it can be overwhelming to know what you actually need.  We can help you determine common-sense solutions to make your facility more energy efficient.

Do you think sustainability is too complicated, timely or involved?  It’s not an all-or-nothing proposition, there are a lot of incremental changes you can make.  Colby Co.’s LEED ® accredited professionals advise our staff on the most practical methods.

We also make presentations to companies and community groups about practical applications for sustainable technology in everyday life. These presentations are based on the years of experience our staff has with sustainable design.  We are not affiliated with specific equipment vendors and we bring unbiased opinions.

Colby Co.’s staff has extensive experience in preparing complete mechanical, electrical, civil, and structural feasibility studies for power and energy projects and has examined solar, wind, industrial waste heat, and water as fuel sources.

Recent projects include:

  • Design of a $9M LEED ® Gold NC indoor firing range including geothermal heat pump system, energy recovery ventilator, and a solar thermal water system
  • Design of a $20M manufacturing building to achieve LEED ® certification including variable frequency drives, variable refrigerant flow technology and passive solar walls
  • Conducted energy audits for more than one million square feet of building space
  • Design of Waste Oil to Heat Systems for industrial clients
  • Design of main steam vent lines for a Trash to Energy plant
  • Study and design of a boiler economizer and controls upgrade
  • Lighting Automation Designs for buildings
  • Study and design of solar thermal collectors for existing buildings