Colby Co. Takes Advantage of Winter At Pineland

The crew at Colby Co. gathered at Pineland Farms in New Gloucester, ME to explore winter activities together with their families in a team bonding event. Employees participated in ice skating on the newly installed pond, cross-country skiing over 16 miles of groomed trails, and sledding down their giant sledding hill. Picnic lunches were provided for all employees and family members so they could enjoy a full day outside enjoying what Maine has to offer.

This is one of the many opportunities Colby Co. provides within the year to enjoy the Maine outdoors with coworkers and families. Pineland Farms has over 5,000 acres which includes plenty of opportunity for outdoor recreational activities, and it provides a safe atmosphere for employees to gather while following Covid protocols. This event was enjoyed by all, and will become a repeat event for the company!