Colby Co. Brings STEM Fun to Madison High School

On Wednesday, January 26, 2022 eight members of the Colby Co. crew headed north to Madison Area Memorial High School in Madison, ME. There, the Colby Co. team surprised nearly 70 students with an introduction into the engineering profession along with a STEM activity that included the creation of a ventilated clean room for health care workers.

This was the first time many students had been exposed to the engineering field, and for many students this was the first time in years where they were able to collaborate with teams since the beginning of the pandemic. Many members from the school commented that they noticed students who are usually quiet in the classroom emerge as leaders within this hands-on experiment, and groups of students who normally wouldn’t work together rise together in collaboration.

Heather Sustersic, PE led a presentation that included highlighting the different engineering fields along with their function and importance to the assembly of kids, while Amanda Vogler, LEED spoke about Mechanical Engineering and its importance in the activity created by the Colby Co. team. 

With 40 minutes on the timer, the high school students were tasked to create a well-ventilated hospital room where the goal was to keep the health care provider safe from a contaminated patient. Students used tools like fans, blowers, ductwork, plastic sheets, tape and scissors to create a ventilated space that would move contaminated air through the room while keeping the healthcare worker at minimal exposure. Once their rooms were complete, students tested their experiment by having a patient “cough” cornstarch in the room while the healthcare worker tried to care for the patient within a 2 minute period. The room that moved the air the most with their designed ventilation system, and kept the cornstarch from attaching to the healthcare worker, won a prize.

During the event, the Colby Co. team met with students to encourage their critical thinking and problem solving, while keeping them on task with a limited budget and resources. They shared their own problem solving techniques and unique challenges within the industry.

Colby Co. Holiday Party

On December 9, 2021 Colby Co. employees gathered together at Belleflower Brewing Company to celebrate the holiday and another successful year together. With 18 new clients, multiple new hires and fun new projects, we had a lot to celebrate!

Colby Co. Gives Back By Cleaning Up Sebago Lake State Park

The employees and their families at Colby Co. spent a few days between October and November volunteering their time at Sebago Lake State Park working to clean up the park, raking leaves, clearing brush, repairing drainage access, and cutting down damaged overhanging branches.

Volunteer days are an important part of the Colby Co. culture, as are the state parks in Maine. Each year Colby Co. provides a Maine State Park Vehicle Pass to each of its employees. With their combined State Park visits, employees have visited all of the 39 Maine State Parks. Colby Co. values the Maine State Parks System and we were glad to help make Sebago more accessible for next year’s users.

Colby Co. Hits The Pavement for its First Virtual Race

Employees and their families hit the ground running in order to earn money for a cause! In its inaugural debut, Colby Co. hosted a virtual race for their employees and families in order to get out, have fun, and give back to the community.

Participants had the opportunity to sign up for a 5k, 10k or 1k (kids) Virtual Run/Walk Race. For every participant who signed up, Colby Co. donated up to $200 to the employee’s favorite non-profit organization.In all, 58 employees and their family members signed up to race, and 187 miles were covered in this fun run! $3500 was donated to a variety of nonprofit organizations, including the Animal Refuge League of Greater Portland, Cooking For Community, Preble Street, and Maine Needs all on behalf of Colby Co.. Winners of the virtual races also earned a gift card to Fleet Feet. Congratulations, Colby Co. Runners!

Colby Co. Takes Advantage of Winter At Pineland

The crew at Colby Co. gathered at Pineland Farms in New Gloucester, ME to explore winter activities together with their families in a team bonding event. Employees participated in ice skating on the newly installed pond, cross-country skiing over 16 miles of groomed trails, and sledding down their giant sledding hill. Picnic lunches were provided for all employees and family members so they could enjoy a full day outside enjoying what Maine has to offer.

This is one of the many opportunities Colby Co. provides within the year to enjoy the Maine outdoors with coworkers and families. Pineland Farms has over 5,000 acres which includes plenty of opportunity for outdoor recreational activities, and it provides a safe atmosphere for employees to gather while following Covid protocols. This event was enjoyed by all, and will become a repeat event for the company!

Night at the Museum

On November 30, 2018 Colby Co kids had the night of their life when Colby Co. took over the Children’s Museum & Theatre of Maine! Work-life balance is incredibly important to the culture at Colby Co., and family comes first. This was an opportunity to celebrate the kids that keep Colby Co. young! Employees and their families enjoyed food, face painting, and balloon animals while exploring the museum after hours, making this a fun night for the kids of all ages.